Gary Dee's Condolence Book: Page Six

Here are folks who remember Gary and share their thoughts with us.

First Name : Bob

Comment : Gary Dee wasnt afraid to call a Spade a spear chucker,
or a brillo head. Who cares if he slapped Liz - she cheated on him.
He should have shot her!

First Name : john

Comment : miss you man yo mama comdon on a key chain [ i still

First Name : Glass House

Comment : Loved Gary Dee..

First Name : bon
Comment : you were great! i loved the country music again. in 2008
im still a countty fan in fla

First Name : frank

Comment : I listen to gary dee gilbert when he was in fresno,
california back in 1968 thru 1972 hot mercy martha he was on kmak

First Name : mark

Comment : Yer MaMa!!!!! We all miss you!!! You Jackass!!!!

First Name : Gary

Comment : I listened to Gary on WHK - I was just telling my wife
about him and found this site. Great memories of his shows - laughed
til tears! Are there any tapes/cds available of his shows?

First Name : Vyola Beardsly

Comment : Gary, You taught me how to be a ture woman, and not just
a Whore Monger. I could of loved you more than Liz...

First Name : Frank

Comment : I live in cleveland and listened to gary dee from the
the day he came to town at were 1972 up to whk in the 80,s he woke
cleveland up and is a better city today

First Name : Dave T

Comment : Were all Half Black and Half Slovenian; thanks to Gary
Dee for pointing it out.

First Name : John

Comment : I first heard Gary D. Gilbert on KYNO in 61. He was
canned by Bill Drake, Im assuming. He popped up a few years later on
KCOK Tulare. In 1967 I remember him breaking out of the music
formatics as he started to take his first phone calls on the air.

First Name : Mike
Comment : I helped with with Naked Truth. Can some one help me
find radaio clips from his show. Mike

First Name : john


First Name : Jim
Comment : I knew Gary as a R/C airplane flyer. I sold him some
engines back in the 70s. I called him during his radio show one
morning and we discussed the engine he was buying on the air! Went
to his home on the lake for a party once after an R/C Pattern
contest i

First Name : Dwight

Comment : Youre a lilly livered, egg sucking dog, pinko, commie
fag! Give em steel Gary! Especially Liz.

First Name : Listener

Comment : Gary Dee was a major horses ass! Any man that slaps the
shit out of their wife is not a real man! Someone should have one
timed his ass! He was a rude drunken slob! Only someone with a
severe emotional problem would take him seriously! Pete Franklin R

First Name : Scorpio

Comment : I was a big fan of Gary back in his days on WHK. I live
in Leamington, Ontario, across Lake Erie in Canada. Listening to
Gary in the morning was a ritual around our house. Watching his then
wife Liz Richards on WEWS was great viewing and the two of them a

First Name : Ron Sweed The Ghoul

Comment : I hate you gary dee I told you before lets get together
overday!I will pluck your magic twanger overday stracth glass turn
blue but best of all dont get caught!


Gary Dee's Obituary (Cleveland Plain Dealer Nov 12, 1995)

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