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Here are folks who remember Gary and share their thoughts with us.

GJA - 10/08/00 20:15:09
Live on Mr. Dee.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The greatest radio personality along with his
eternal buddy Roger Martin.We miss you Gary and Roger." Give them steel Gary"

GJA - 10/08/00 20:13:09
Live on Mr. Dee.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The greatest radio person along with his eternal

rich dix - 09/30/00 13:41:31
Bless you Gary,you are a good man. You single handedly dragged Cleveland,kicking
and sreaming as usual,into the light. I miss you.

Jim Kelley - 08/22/00 10:25:11
Gary was an original. He had the ability to expose the hypocracy and
self-rightousness in all of us with his comments. His comments were never
standard or "pat"; rather he lampooned issues in order to make us consider
(maybe for the first time) what we ctually felt about a topic. jjk

Ron Rupert - 09/26/99 02:23:31
Gary Dee was the originator of "shock-radio", years before Stern ever had a
subversive thought. He was branded a racist by people who didn't understand (or
get) him but in reality created a forum for blacks and whites alike to air their
views, their REAL opinions, unlike any other. The guy had huevos the size of
watermelons-he had the nerve to call George Forbes a CAPON (!) on the air and
King George laughed so hard he had to hang up. Gary Dee was The Man. If you want
just a small slice of Gary Dee the only way left to get it is by tuning in to
Rick Gilmore on WTAM 1100 AM weekend evenings. He's not the Our Fearless Leader
but he comes from the same weird place as Gary D. Gilbert. And that's more than
I can say about Imus or even Stern, as popular as th

Dan Hewitt - 08/09/99 00:25:29
Gary D. Gilbert. One of the many treasures of Cleveland. R.I.P.

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10/16/98 09:36:02
Cool page Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook

Ed Coury - 10/13/98 00:19:02
Gary was a pioneer. I had the honor of working with him for a few months, during
his second run at WWWE. Some of his shows keughing for hours after they ended.
His secret? Gary wasn't always putting on an "act" -- or trying to "shock" -- so
much o the humor, satire, and chaos came from him in such an honest way, you'd
wonder what was really going on in that head of his :-) Gary was a legend, and a
master of his game..... GARY -- GIVE 'EM STEEL!

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Gary Dee is still, and always will be "NUMBER ONE"...R.I.P. Gary...

Gary Dee's Obituary (Cleveland Plain Dealer Nov 12, 1995)

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